Independent candidate Margarita Zavala announced today she will leave the presidential race. The former candidate announced her decision during the recording of Televisa’s Tercer Grado, which has not yet been broadcast. “I withdraw the candidacy due to a principle of congruence and political identity, but also to free who generously have supported me,” Zavala said on the program, which will be broadcast tonight.

With the decision made by Zavala, wife of former president Felipe Calderón, a whole horizon of possibilities opens up for the other three candidates: Andres Manuel López Obrador (Juntos Haremos Historia), José Antonio Meade (Todos por México) and Ricardo Anaya (Por México al Frente). Zavala was affiliated with PAN – Ricardo Anaya’s party – until last October. At this point, she left the party claiming PAN’s candidate selection process was undemocratic; she said it would almost certainly hand victory to Ricardo Anaya. Her decision to stand came despite opposition from her party, who saw her candidacy as a way to divide the right-wing vote, something that would directly hurt Ricardo Anaya.

Now, with this decision, Anaya could recover Zavala’s votes, which would close the gap between him and AMLO, currently the leading candidate. According to the latest survey published by El Financiero on May 14, AMLO leads with 46 percent, followed by Anaya with 26 percent and Meade with 20 percent.


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